YES!Very happy to say my work was selected to be part of the groupshow: Sight unseen at Abend gallery Denver curated by Alia El-Bermani.It is a great group of artists like:Mia Bergeron,Stephen Cefalo,Stanka Kordic, Judith Peck, Diane Feissel, Karen Woolley Offutt, Maria Kreyn, Ali Cavanaugh, Stephanie Deshpande, Karen Kaapcke, Shana Levenson, Amber Lia-Kloppel, Linda Tracey Brandon, Judy Takacs Pendergast, Matthew Cherry, Elaine Despins, Serena Potter and many more.


I am very happy to announce a cooperation with 3 amazing artists: Jorge Abbad-Jaime De Aragón Córdoba. Pedro Quesada Sierra and Hanneke Naterop.The 4 of us met at the Mas de les Gralles organised by Juan Jesus Espina and we felt our works were connected in some way.So 2017 20 th of may our works will be shown together at Pulchri studios The hague!


I am very excited to say that i will be having a show at gallery Beinart Australie
april 2017 together with Effie Pryer and Ville Löppönen