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About the book

Getting older is not always festive. No matter how vital we may be of body and mind, our mirror image tells of transience: the pert breasts, tight stomach and firm buttocks are all things of the past. Francien Krieg (1973) has been doing ten years of painterly research into the older female body. This is unique in the art world. The female nude is usually displayed hyper-aesthetically or erotically. There is no room for wrinkles, wear and tear, and loss of shape.

In her youth, Krieg became a compelling participant in her father's obsession with death. Later, that fascination became her own. According to her, she became a student of her physical self: 'The tangible and not tangible of the body, the familiar and the distance I feel from my body.' At the art academy, she was interested in the human body and created sculptural installations from meat, with skin as clothing. She collected dead animals, skeletons of birds. The sudden death of a good friend strengthened her mistrust of her body. Eventually, acceptance of her transience became a quest in her art and ultimately took shape in the painting of older women. Nude. Some women viewers react immediately and enthusiastically, but many must overcome a degree of hesitation. As some of Krieg’s models testify, they go through a process from doubt to triumphant posing: we can be there, with that old body that is us.

In her foreword, art historian Greet Schuit-Hamming emphasizes the exceptional power of Francien Krieg's approach: 'The display of the reality of old age gives her work a unique power. It is a form of rebellion that disrupts and moves people. '

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